Kimi to boku ‘s special card(?) featuring the Asaba twins
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Kimi to boku ‘s special card(?) featuring the Asaba twins


" When we were younger and I hurt myself … he would try to carry me even though he was smaller … "


"i’m happy that i love you."

This speaks to me.


This twins are so CANON that it hurts.
(Official pictures by the mangaka: Kiichi Hotta).

the asaba charm. ☆


I recently rewatched kimi to boku with fai and watching the finale again I got myself obsessed with a ktb college AU so here it is:

- Yuuta and Shun don’t go to the same school but their schools are near by so they live together. they obviously also go out and they are the perfect couple whose only fights are about who’s going to make dinner (aka they both want to).

- Yuuki probably still lives with his parents and out of a job or school. if he ever goes out it’s when Shun makes everyone meet up (like once a week) or to lounge at either Kaname’s or Chizuru’s.

- Kaname actually goes to a bigshot uni in tokyo. when he’s too busy to meet up with the rest they just show up at his dorm/apartment and do what they do best (which is jumping on him on his bed).

- neither of them really knows what Chizuru’s doing during the day but Yuuta let’s Shun assume he’s going to school. he did, however, start dating Mar— Masaki who finally gave in after she heard about Shun and Yuuta.

- (Chizuru and Mary followed each other’s hair suggestions btw)


I wonder if kisses are fluffy like marshmallows.